Inteligent Connections enabled with the Konexios IoT Platform

See how Avaya, Inc. leverages the Konexios Platform with Avaya OneCloud to deliver Smart Ecosystem Solutions.

In this use case, temperature and door monitoring devices installed in a hospital refrigerator send data to the Konexios IoT Platform which detect and process events that may lead to errors. Exception events on the IoT Platform trigger an automated workflow through the Avaya OneCloud solution sending contextual data through the IoT channel.

Intelligent connections and monitoring through the Konexios Platform provide real time contextual insights which can feed into automated workflows that follow business rules. 

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About Konexios

Konexios offers a comprehensive software platform for secure development and management of IoT devices, connectivity, applications and analytics.  Konexios helps customers accelerate time to market for their solution development by abstracting and removing complexity thus enabling the rapid, secure and scalable flow of data from sensor to cloud.

The Konexios platform is entrusted by large corporations for their production deployment of IoT Services and has supported over 3000 developer accounts worldwide.

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